About Me


Freddie Witherden studied Physics with Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London between 2008–2012 earning an MSci degree with first class honours. In September of 2012 Freddie started a PhD in computational fluid dynamics in the department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr Peter Vincent and graduated in December 2015. Early in 2016 Freddie started a postdoctoral appointment in the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Antony Jameson.

In 2012 Freddie co-founded news analytics firm newsflo where he served as a chief technology officer. On January 12th 2015 newsflo was acquired by academic publishing company Elsevier B.V. He is a founding partner of Quadrature Solutions LLP a start-up which offers a range of technical and strategic consultancy services in the field of computational engineering. He is also a co-founder of Kopernio. Finally, Freddie has a keen interest in digital forensics being the primary author of the libforensic1394 library.


Freddie's main research interests are in the development of simple and efficient high-order methods for modern CPU/GPU platforms. The primary vehicle for this is the flux reconstruction (FR) approach proposed by Huynh at NASA Glenn in 2007. Using the FR approach it is possible to recover both discontinuous Galerkin and spectral difference schemes along with various new and novel methods. Furthermore, the approach is also extremely well suited to the requirements of modern many-core architectures.