The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas

The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas
Graham Woan
Cambridge University Press (10 July 2000)

As suggested by the title this book is a collection of physics formulae. Tabulated are most of the equations and identities which one would expect to encounter in an undergraduate degree.

Cleanly typeset and extraordinarily well indexed the book makes looking up long-forgotten formulae a doddle. Although no explanations are provided per-se—after all this is a handbook as opposed to an encyclopedia—parameters and constants are defined. As most of the equations are named it is relatively simple to look up a derivation. Indeed, this is where the true utility of this book lies: putting words to symbols and vice versa. Diagrams are used sparingly throughout to help clarify sign conventions and the such.

Since purchasing this book during my second year of university it has seldom left my desk and comes highly recommended.