Marked Scroll Bars in Qt

libqmarkedscrollbar is an open source (GNU LGPLv3+) library that provides marked scroll bars for Qt. Marked scroll bars function in much the same way as regular scroll bars except that they support small lines or marks on the scroll track. These marks can be used to indicate various points of interest to the user.

Applications of marked scroll bars include

The library also provides support for shades. While a mark identifies a single point in a document/view a shade identifies a range. Shades have applications in graphical diff programs (highlighting regions of difference) and collaborative text editors (to show per-user selections) to name but a few.



2009-04-15: First public release

This is the first public release of libqmarkedscrollbar. Source can be found from the download section.


As of version 0.1 libqmarkedscrollbar supports:


Rendering of shades is suboptimal with clipping

On platforms which use a rounded slider (such as Mac OS X) the rendering of shades suboptimal when clipping is enabled enableClipping(true).

This is because shades are drawn after the scroll bar with the bounding rectangle of the slider used for clipping. In the case where the slider is not a rectangle this results in the scroll bar track 'leaking' through the shade. It is an issue with Qt that I currently know no way of working around.




The latest version can always be downloaded from the projects git repository.

0.1 — 2009-04-15

Source code.
.zip — 18.7 KiB
.tar.gz — 16.6 KiB
.tar.bz2 — 15.1 KiB


Complete Doxygen documentation for the library can be found at here.